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CHF 2249.00

LTD - 165 Liter


This is it. Recreational windsurfing revisited. Effortless planing in the lightest of breezes. Super smooth, yet remarkably quick, responsive and maneuverable. No need for huge, high priced professional-grade racing sails, any freeride or freemove sail will do.

There’s no ‘power hump’ to overcome. A specific Thommen golden era stretched rocker line and a vee-to-quad-concave bottom shape make for a gradual transition from gliding to planing and iron out chop like nothing else. Yet, unlike other “special light wind” boards, the Glide 165 is efficient and remains truly fun to sail when the wind picks up. The super thin hull concept, combined with a ‘step rail’ design, is forgiving and promotes easy control for all levels of sailors, from beginner to expert.

Cruising around the bay? Anytime, any conditions. Carving jibes? No problem. Playing in open ocean swells? Bring it on. Chasing your buddies around the course? Hell, why not?

The clever hull shape doesn’t need huge fins to get/keep going. It is designed with a tri-fin setup to roam all waters, deep or shallow. As a standard, there’s a 34cm Gasoil developed powerbox fin in the rear and two 12cm Gasoil trackers which are perfectly fitting the slotbox10. The LTD models have G10 fins; vinylester for the STD models.

The 10” mast box allows for big sails in the more forward position and small sails in the rear section. Also, the longer box allows to adjust the mast position when the more forward positioned entry level strap positions are used.

Each Glide comes with a complementary tailored boardbag, the most sustainable packaging we could think of – and we’re convinced you’ll love its slots for the grab handle and fins.

The Glide comes in two constructions:
STD – standard – Cobra’s proven epoxy/glass/wood construction with extra glass band reinforcements where you need it.
LTD – limited – Cobra’s near custom made sandwich construction, incredible nice weight/stiffness ration for enhanced performance.

GLIDE. Anytime.

Volume: 165
Length: 265
Width: 84
Ofo: 51.8
Thickness: 13.3

--> beide Versionen inklusive Thommen Boardbag
Marke  Thommen