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CHF 2499.00CHF 1499.40

83 Liter

Different wave spots, conditions, styles and likes makes it difficult to develop production wave board but with our QT-WAVE the answer for those who want to travel light and play in all kind of wave conditions. The 5x fin boxes makes it possible to setup the board from Single to Thruster over Twinzer and Quad and trim the board for the prevailing conditions and individual likes.

Optical aspect & Footpad

With the new graphic aspect influenced by Italian designer Fabio Canella we are taking a new direction and be more coloured while still keep it simple.

The 6mm thick over-dotted diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it total 12mm and very nice and comfortable.


The fast rocker line with early planning and acceleration ability in combination with the controllable bottom shape and the outline with winger in the tail is the mix to make this “allrounder” outstanding.


Fast rocker line with top planning and acceleration ability and a touch of extra tail rocker for tight turns and big sprays.


The QT-wave comes equiped with 4x PATRIK Power wave (PW) fins.

Fin boxes

Center US 8” to be able and move the wider single fins with 4x side Slot boxes to save weight.


Each insert has 4-positions and on the front strap has a double plug to be able and change width and angle for different foot size and riding style.

Volume distribution

The balanced thickness under the feet and mast track is one of the key points to have a good allrounder. Thin under the back foot to be connected with the fins gives control, grip and manoeuvrability but still thick enough to push for speed and high jumps.


As well here the balance plays a big role and the tail width in front of the back foot is wide enough to push for early planning and acceleration while the winger reduced the tail width right behind the foot to be able and carve trough bottom turns and roll the board easier into the cutback.

Bottom Shape

The smaller boards have more and deeper “double concaved V” which absorbs the chop and increases control and tracking while on the bigger boards the single concave under the straps helps the early planning for the big boys.

Rails / Tuck

The round rails & tuck starting in the nose area makes the board feel smooth trough the turn. Under the mast track the tucked show a slightly more visible edge which gets a little sharper between the straps and ends up sharp right behind the back strap for early planning acceleration and top speed.

Deck Shape

The balance is carried over into all details and so has the deck a nice curved shape for an easy save standing platform while crossing the white water and finally a comfortable stands and good grip in the straps when planning and jumping.

The topic where opinions split radically but after all the proof is the choice of the pro riders and this is what we want to offer you and nothing less.

Our full deck Carbon Kevlar is lightness and impact strong whereas the Biax fibre on the bottom is giving the extra flex you want for the turns and landings.
Marke  Patrik