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What is the Cheetah?
A high performance, camless freeride sail.

Who uses the Cheetah?
Intermediate and expert windsurfers who want a well built, fast, and easy handling sail for freeriding.

What makes the Cheetah unique?
The Cheetah has the shape, power, and stability of a cambered sail without the hassles that come with cams.

What defines the Ezzy Cheetah?
1) Superb performance
2) Light weight.
3) Exceptional build quality

What else?
The center of effort is low and forward, the Cheetah pulls evenly between the front and rear arms.
Scrim reinforcements are lighter because they don’t absorb water.
The Cheetah requires less downhaul tension, which in a fuller leading edge and improved low-end.

Why buy a Cheetah?
You can have fewer sails in your quiver because the Cheetah’s “baked-in” profile makes it stable across a wide wind range.
The Cheetah is light-weight and built with scrim, Dyneema X-Ply and RBS epoxy battens (the strongest battens in the world).
Our calibrated downhaul system shows you exactly where to set your downhaul.

The Cheetah is ready to go right out of the bag. Every Cheetah is pre-rigged, allowing us to scrutinize our work, tension the battens, and wish our creation bon voyage.

Is the Cheetah the right sail for you?
If you desire a sail with speed and control that is easy to rig and built to last, then we highly recommend the Cheetah.
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