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CHF 189.00

P-race: it is a slalom fin “dressed” with G10 material. We have been very ambitious when designing it, since we wanted to realize a product able to fully compete with blazoned and branded full carbon fins that you can find under PWA slalom athletes’ boards.

After producing several prototypes with different profiles (8), outlines (3), thickness (3) and many tested measures, we achieved to realize a fin that leave us astonished.

If you don’t believe us, you can ask those who have been engaged “head to head” against P-race fins riders and who, only once on the beach, have realized they had raced against a G10 fin.

Therefore, we are sure we can offer an excellent product for those who do not have time to develop any PWA rider technique and trim, but who, at the same time, wish to achieve maximum performances by using a full slalom and freerace equipment.
Marke  Patrik