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CHF 2399.00

This board is the remedy for everyone frustrated by wide-body boards that simply don`t work for everyone. The F-Ride might be the longest freeride board on the market. Wide-body boards surely have their benefits but from our understanding the intermediate freerider does not benefit too much from the extra width so why should we make the same mistake? So here comes our F-Ride. The extra length on the flat area under the straps makes the board more stable and more foregiving. Additionally thee passive planing (no pumping) improves significantly. The narrower width makes it easier to step into the straps and have both legs balanced in a comfortable sailing position.

Don`t mistake the extra length with being slow or lame. The F-Ride actually is planing early, accelleration well and carries a massive speed potential while being super forgiving at the same time. The big success of this board has proven us right. Loved by hundreds of windsurfers around the globe this board will take your freeriding to the next level!
Marke  Patrik